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What is MDEF™ Investing? Strategy before tactics. Strategic investments dictate tactical actions in the Metals, Defense, Energy & Food sectors.

- Jeffrey C. Borneman

The Mission of MDEF™ Investing

The Mission of MDEF™ Investing

MDEF™ is a geopolitical investing strategy based on a historic understanding that State governments and individuals will seek security at the expense of all other needs. Paramount to this security is a consistent, unhindered and affordable access to a common currency, personal defense, heat/electricity and, adequate food/water. This security is a matter of survival on both the State and personal levels. The MDEF™ strategy is truly a non-discretionary investment approach that squarely faces the geopolitical and currency implications of shifting world events. The United States is the only country in the world that is totally self-sufficient in all four market sectors of MDEF™.
Indifference is not an option.

The Financial Lesson (link to>

These facts each uniquely and directly relate to our societal safety and well-being. As investors, we look for return-on-principal. There are times when return-OF-principal becomes paramount. As the DOW corrected in 2008-2009, many investors watched half – or more – of their principal evaporate. That is an extremely difficult hole from which to re-establish a comfort level with the reliability of our monetary system or make projections for retirement.
We are currently facing a general devaluation of currencies across the world. This will, at first, be positive for the US dollar and hold in check some of the inflation that must come in the wake of the Federal Reserves printing of trillions and trillions of dollars out of thin air. But eventually, our own currency will falter – and when it does, we will not be discussing a "targeted inflation rate" of 2% or 4% but rather in the high double digits. The call for a new 'world currency' will re-emerge. Finance Ministers from across the globe will look for the least painful way to extract their country from mountains of debt. By mutual consent, the new currency will be based on a country's precious metals, natural resources and advanced labor. If this sounds strange, or is a new concept to you, please refer to any of the data available from the United Nations on how the U.N. has prepared for just such a contingency.

What Stock Sectors Will Rise the Most Dramatically?

Libraries of books have been written detailing the demise of "fiat" currencies and the root causes of their demise. Fiat currencies rely upon the "full faith and credit" of their issuing governments. They are totally unsupported by the traditional backing of gold or silver bullion held by their issuers. It's a fascinating and worrisome topic that can be summed up in a single sentence: No financial system in history that used fiat currency as an exchange of value (money) has survived.
I'm asked constantly what to expect next? Let me be frank: My view of this current market is short-term bullish and long-term catastrophic. My goal is to have my client monies primarily in MDEF™stocks, as the currency-of-survival has never changed. We all must have an alternative to fiat money (metals); be able to stand against some outside force for ourselves and loved ones (defense); have electricity and transportation (energy); and, be able to feed ourselves (food). It is just that simple. This is why MDEF™ sectors have historically retained their values while all other asset classes/financial instruments are discounted at varying rates.

Astute investors are studying each move by international players with one eye on the clock. Which country's financial system will collapse first, the US, Russia, ...? Is war still avoidable, and if not, what might be the "Arch Duke Ferdinand moment?" Despite the current foment, wise investors are also secure in their understanding that DEMAND in Metals, Defense, Energy and Food (MDEF™) cannot abate no matter which path the world is on.

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