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Why DEMAND (Prices) For Energy Must Rise - $150/BBL+

Jeffrey C. Borneman | August 26, 2014

The President of MercBloc LLC, a wealth management firm and is the author of "Oil's Endless Bid," has made some brilliant observations as to why the genesis for the next spike in Energy prices may be very different than 2007-8 - but will similar results.

About once a month I come across a must-read article that I'd wish I'd written - that I should have written ... Investors, please understand Dan Dicker's article (linked below) is, hands-down,  this month's winner In the MDEF™ "Why Own It Now" category.

Those who've followed the MDEF™ Investing strategy know that current geopolitical risks to the supply-chain of Energy are unprecedented and worsening - but there's more to the story. Dan brings some thoughts as a Energy trader to the fore that only a seasoned trader can. Here's the money quote (full article follows).

So, let's get the full 2014 picture. We have, I believe, an oncoming massive shortage of crude, but unlike 2008 we cannot get the financial markets to recognize it and incentivize necessary production. Instead of a financial market that's outracing the fundamentals, we now have a fundamentally at-risk market where the financials are unable to catch up.

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Prepare for an Oil Super Spike to $150

By: of RealClearMarkets Article Date: 2014-08-25

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