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U.S. Provocation Around The Globe = DEMAND for Defense

Jeffrey C. Borneman | August 23, 2014

"The (US) Navy is sending a second aircraft carrier strike group to the Asia Pacific region amid new tensions with China," says the Washington Free Beacon, only a day after a Chinese fighter jet barrel-rolled over a US Navy P-8 spy plane. 

How should investors view the deteriorating US relations with both Russia and China? After all, both Russia and China are emerging as economic threats to US - can we be blamed for an effort to dominate them economically or militarily? The recent formation of the new BRIC banking system is a possible direct-challenge to the US PetroDollar which has the potential to cause financial chaos here at home and abroad (loss of reserve-currency status). Should any military conflict be viewed through the lens of saving the US PetroDollar?

What, then, what do we do? We provocate militarily for now and encourage the world to match the DEMAND for Defense seen in both Russia and China spreading the fear of invasion. 

To be specific, we send the USS Carl Vinson strike group to patrol “both 5th and 7th Fleet areas of responsibility,” a Navy statement said also "the guided missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill and three guided missile destroyers, the USS Gridley, USS Sterett, and USS Dewey also deployed with the Vinson ... which "join(s) the Japan-based USS George Washington strike group."

Is confrontation (War) with either Russia or China inevitable? In late May of this year we took a look at China's ultimate intentions in its region (read here). The speed of China's military buildup is leaving US war-planners shaking their heads with envy as discussed here and here

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