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What is MDEF™ Investing? Strategy before tactics. Strategic investments dictate tactical actions in the Metals, Defense, Energy & Food sectors.

- Jeffrey C. Borneman

Euro "Super Rich" Increasingly Buying Gold To Hedge Wealth

Jeffrey C. Borneman | September 19, 2014

Gold is not the only precious Metal to own in times of currency uncertainty, and often under-performs other precious Metals, but an increase of "243pc (Gold) so far this year" by the Euro "super rich" is being report by The Telegraph. 

The "M" in the MDEF™ Investing strategy is Metals. When I'm asked what Metals are currently in the MDEF™ portfolios, some investors are surprised that right now they hold mostly precious Metals.

Investors must recognize where we are in the investing cycle. There is a time to own iron ore, steel producers, tin, copper and aluminum but those Metals provide the greatest investor returns in the expansion arc of the investing cycle - we are not there right now.

The next expected surge in non-precious Metals is expected as the DEMAND for Defense peaks. Taking an overall view of the military preparedness of even major countries (including the US) to engage in War, data clearly demonstrates no country is prepared for an extended War.

I've stated previously that I am not a "Gold Bug," but precious Metals are a critical component to any portfolio if bought and managed correctly. It appears investors in the Eurozone increasingly recognize Gold as an attractive hedge to the EURO currency.

If you want to know more about how the MDEF™ Investing strategy is positioned in this, or other geopolitical possibilities, please contact us directly.

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