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EPA Water/Land Grab Crystal Clear in Maryland

Jeffrey C. Borneman | September 2, 2014

The EPA says " ,,, new rules would not enlarge the scope of its authority under the Clean Air Act (CWA), and that the rule would clarify its authority and provides regulatory certainty in the face of recent Supreme Court decisions."

The EPA got caught red-handed with maps outlining its Water/Land grab, essentially giving the agency defacto ownership of most of the state of Maryland. This is not hyperbole (see article and map below). So what does the EPA do once caught? It does what it does best, obfuscate.

The opening quote above is very telling. The EPA understands the authority given it by the CWA is already firmly established. It assumes the CWA has given it the authority to claim even semi-damp areas in the country and plans to use that authority in deciding allowances for such basics as agriculture, manufacturing or housing. It merely seeks to "clarify" (ensconce) this authority now before the expected Supreme Court challenges. 

No one said the EPA was run by stupid attorneys.

This is a part of the CWA saga which began to get press this June as described here. Lawmakers are not amused and are threatening to cut EPA's funding but the EPA is undeterred and pressing ahead as if congress is just another bump in the road.

In a joint letter from both Republicans and Democrats to the EPA the lawmakers say, “Although your agencies have maintained that the rule is narrow and clarifies CWA jurisdiction, it in face aggressively expands federal authority under the CWA while bypassing Congress and creating unnecessary ambiguity.”

The lawmaker's letter adds, “The rule would place features such as ditches, ephemeral drainages, ponds (natural or man-made, prairie potholes, seeps, flood plains, and other occasionally or seasonally wet areas under federal control.”

The EPA means to control all waters in the United States whether private or public. Collecting rainwater is now illegal in several Western states and no effort to 'protect' water and watershed areas will be overlooked. 

How should investors continue to see this issue? Manufactured scarcity intersecting with high DEMAND dictates escalating prices. This is the purpose of the MDEF Investing strategy.

The proposed Waters of the United States rule, which would give the EPA jurisdiction over millions of miles of streams across the United States under the Clean Water Act, has generated bipartisan backlash in both chambers of Congress.

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By: of WatchDog Maryland Article Date: 2014-09-01

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