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What is MDEF™ Investing? Strategy before tactics. Strategic investments dictate tactical actions in the Metals, Defense, Energy & Food sectors.

- Jeffrey C. Borneman

Jeffrey C. Borneman

Mr. Borneman recognizes the validity of a stand-alone MDEF™ (Metals, Defense, Energy & Food) Investment Strategy and DEMAND/consumption patterns.

He developed the MDEF™ Strategy based on his extensive understanding of historic trends in societal advancements and world markets.The MDEF™ Strategy has garnered wide attention and acknowledgment from financial consultants, historians and media as MDEF™ recognizes all aspects of human nature, market theories and capital movement.

The MDEF™ Strategy focuses on investments in critical components of human need. Historic events have repeatedly and predictably demonstrated the criticality of each of these market sectors for survival of nation-states and individuals alike. The MDEF™ Strategy is specifically designed on the Value-at-Risk (VaR) model enabling investors to respond to inflationary pressures, civil unrest, regional conflicts and scarcity of necessary goods and services from environmental or human-caused disasters.

Mr. Borneman established and owns Rampart Portfolio Partners LLC, and is primarily focused on the performance of the MDEF™ Strategy, reflecting what can only be considered global economic upheaval, by understanding and predicting geopolitical, currency, environmental and legislative risks.

Mr. Borneman began his 28 year Wall Street career as a financial consultant with PaineWebber after graduating from the University of Florida in 1983. His extensive experience involved trading equities, debt securities and various commodities. As one of the early “power” market traders, he determined the most efficient and profitable trading partners in the power market, resulting in billion of dollars of electricity to enter the public markets. This became the basis for such companies as Enron, AEP and Koch Industries to provide electricity in the three largest power markets in the US. Based on his extensive understanding of the history of money and markets, Mr. Borneman is a recognized adviser on the MDEF™ Strategy.

Mr. Borneman shares his time between Los Angeles, California and Southern Maine.

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